Tennis at School

With the innovation of mini-tennis, regarded world-wide as the best introduction to tennis for young players, the Freddie Krivine Initiative has provided morning programmes at elementary schools in Umm el Fahm, Kfar Qara, Daliat el-Carmel, Haifa, the bi-lingual Hand in Hand School at Kibbutz Eshbal, Tayibe, Me’ilya, Bismat Taboun, Iblin and numerous other towns and villages.

The programmes part of the physical activity programs mandated in elementary school.

FKI is a chug le kol yeled government approved programme for schools in the Arab sector.

Supported by the Sports Authority, community centers (matnasim) and the education system, the FKI trains nearly 200 children in elementary schools each week.

Our Arab speaking coaches come to school equipped with racquets, balls, hoops, cones and other games, along with the vital portable mini-tennis nets.