They’re the backbone of our funding, faithfully committing to give what they can every month to help protect vulnerable communities.

They make our life‑changing work for Arabs and Jews possible.

It’s easy to sign up and all donations are tax‑deductible. Win‑win.


The work we’ve been able to do is because of donations.

Bringing Arab and Jewish children together for  over 20 years, breaking down boundaries and hatred and creating community and peace.

Tax Free Donations can be made online on  through PEF, or through the following conduits:


With a Credit Card through a secured online portal with PEF – press here: Donate Online

With a check made out to PEF Israel Endowment Funds  with a cover note to explain that this donation is for the Freddie Krivine Foundation in Israel and mailed to:  PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., 630 Third Ave, Ste 1501, New York NY 10017.  

A check can also be made out to the New Israel Fund with a cover note to explain that this donation is for the Freddie Krivine Foundation in Israel and mailed to: New Israel Fund,  6 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016, 


With a check made out (Euro or Sterling) to UK Friends of Freddie Krivine Ltd (charity registered in the UK) and mailed to:  Michelle Barber, 46 Farm Avenue, London NW2 2BH, ENGLAND

Please let us know too – send an email to janekrivine@gmail.com  

Freddie Krivine was a legend ❤️

Dr. Sireen MohsenBegan tennis aged 8 on Freddie's first coexistence team

It was an honour and privilege to know Freddie Krivine and to have catered for his fundraisers towards this wonderful project. Thank you Jane for carrying on with his legacy!

Fonda DubbSupporter

When I was a boy, people from the Freddie Krivine Foundation came to Fureidis in order to promote tennis among Arab and Israeli kids. Tennis changed my life course and I believe it can change the life course of other children

Pro tennis coach Ibrahim FahamnaBegan tennis aged 8 on Freddie's first coexistence team

The Freddie Krivine Foundation brings young people together regardless of their background or nationality. Tennis can encourage them to forget ‘divisions’ and also to have healthy lives. It is my pleasure, once again, to support this terrific initiative.

Sir Cliff RichardLegendary British pop singer

This has led to a transformation of a culture. Imagine, Arab girls, who would never have even dreamt of the chance, now want to learn tennis, some dreaming, no doubt, of becoming a professional

Ambassador Gershon GanChairman of the Freddie Krivine Initiative

You are a father to us; we will never forget you, and all you have done for Fureidis and Jisr a-Zarka.

Na'im FahamnaCostal village of Fureidis

All Anna's (Smashnova) success is Freddie's success! Without him, Anna's success would never have happened

Alex Smashanovafather of Anna, the highest ranking Israel woman player

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