Employment and Internship Program

From very early on the FKI recognised the need for training Arab youngsters as professional sports coaches, physical education teachers and tennis coaches; since 2004 we have sponsored over 30 tennis coaches to take the professional training certificate and helped them secure employment nationwide.

In recent years, awareness of the need for healthy lifestyle and sports in child development has led to a demand for professional physical education and sports trainers throughout the Arab community, whatever the socio-economic level, although the of trainers is well below the current demand.

Many women are looking for job opportunities that can fit in with their lifestyle (close to home, hours that suit their childcare arrangements, school hours employment.   In many cases, this will be the first time Jewish and Arab participants will be in close proximity, playing tennis, taking tests and socialising together.

Financial support for the courses is covered one third by FKI grants, one third by FKI loan (to be paid back with coaching hours), one third by the participant (to encourage commitment).