Shared Society – twinning with junior Jewish tennis clubs

After-school programmers host and visit with local Jewish clubs for joint training sessions, play and interaction led by experienced conflict facilitators for children’s programs.    

It is an almost unsurmountable challenge for Arab children from low socioeconomic backgrounds to embark on a profession, to access higher education or even to take part in shared society and cultural activities. Children who lack self-esteem, and who have never socialized with Jewish Israelis, have no way of learning how to adapt and take an active part in society.  To help remedy this, in addition to frequent shared society activities with Jewish children from junior tennis clubs with which the FKI is twinned. 

The group also takes part in inter-club tournaments with other Arab and Jewish local tennis clubs.   The focus of this program is on the development of societal skills – developing an understanding of the resources and actions needed to create situations to achieve one’s goals (e.g., hard work, cooperation, building relationships, accepting and nurturing support).