Freddie always loved tennis. He was a businessman in London when, in 1972, he became one of the six Founder Trustees of the Israel Tennis Centers. He came to live in Israel with his wife Shelagh in 1984 when he become Director of Women’s Tennis for the Israel Tennis Association. 

Freddie with playerIsrael's top women players over the past 20 years acknowledge the important role Freddie played in helping them. He was the first to appreciate the potential of Israeli women in tennis, and to a great extent the early years of such players as Anna Smashnova, Tzippi Obziler and many others owe much to Freddie’s fund-raising efforts.

Freddie became the first and only Director of Women's Tennis in Israel.  The fact three Israel girls, Tzippi, Anna and Shahar Peer, were projected into the top 100 for a number of years had much to do with Freddie's background support.  But Freddie and Shelagh encouraged boys as well as girls, and an entire generation of Israeli tennis players,  including  Shlomo Glickstein, Shahar Perkiss and Amos Mansdorff, now in their forties and fifties, remember him with gratitude and affection. 

FreddieIn 1992 Freddie was elected President of the Israel Tennis Association, re-elected uncontested at the next six elections.  In 1998 he decided to focus on bringing many more Arab children into tennis and to create co-existence programmes for Jewish and Arab children. The programme has flourished ever since.

He was still President of the ITA when in died on January 7, 2005.




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