Jisr al-Zarqa, Empowerment and Leadership Programme 2019-2020

Having established a base of over 80 committed families, a connection with the parents, teachers and municipality officials we are planning to launch our Empowerment and Social Mobility Accelerator Pilot Project in the spring of 2019 for 18 months.

The project will have two curriculums for two separate age groups and will be an intensive addition to our regular tennis training programmes.  All children currently participating in our after school tennis programs will be co-opted into this program. In addition we are looking to expand to another 20 families.

The goals are to promote and support and increase development opportunities and social inclusion for the children of Jisr, as Arab citizens within Israeli society.

 For full details on the Jisr az-Zarka Pilot Programme 2019-2020 contact:  jane@fkf-tennis.org