Tournament Teams

The Freddie Krivine Initiative created a tennis tournament programme to develop skills and prepare children for matches and tournaments.

  • Promising children from school and after school clubs are invited to stay on for a tennis training programme to develop their skills, prepare them for matches and tournaments.
  • The FKI projects take these teams, (between 16-20 boys and girls), to play with and against Jewish children in regional and national competitions.
  • This exposes many Jewish and Arab kids and their families to each other, for the first time and on an equal field.
  • Many of our children who rarely leave their community, do this while overcoming unexpected challenges. They compete in a dramatically new environment, playing against others for the first time.
  • The children also maintaining scores (which they had to do themselves) and the formality of competition judging is all in Hebrew, which Arab children only start learning at the age of 9.
  • The focus of this program will be the personal development of the player’s critical awareness, commitment and participation in all the organized activities, completion of the program. Increased perceived leadership ability, self-esteem to appear on court and play in front of the crowd.