Employment and Internship Program

From very early on the FKI recognised the need for training Arab youngsters as professional sports coaches, physical education teachers and tennis coaches.

From 2004 we have sponsored over 30 tennis coaches to take the professional training certificate and helped them secure employment nationwide.

New Trends and Problems:

  • In recent years, awareness of the need for healthy lifestyle and sports in child development has led to a demand for professional physical education and sports trainers throughout the Arab community, whatever the socio-economic level.
  • The numbers of Arabic speaking physical education and sports trainers is desperately below the current demand.

Current Opportunities:

  • Despite the national focus on education to work programs, particularly in order to assist those coming form the poorest Arab neighbourhoods – most programs focus on computers and the hi-tech industry. Many young people are not academically minded and face difficulty financially to pursue other interests.
  • Many women are looking for job opportunities that can fit in with their lifestyle (close to home, hours that suit their childcare arrangements, school hours employment)
  • Traditional and religious families are wary of letting their girls pursue careers in hi-tech and in very progressive environments.

FKI – Inclusive Coaching Program 2019-2020

Our coaching program aims to help fund and subsidise between five and eight sports-loving and talented young players who wish to pursue a career as a tennis coach. The professional tennis coaching certificate, approved for coaching anywhere in the world by the International Tennis Federation offers a profession to these young people.  The certificate provides an opportunity for pro coaches to work in schools, in our programs, in our partner programs and it encourages them to run their own private classes in their villages so to encourage additional income.

We sometimes find that Arabic speaking individuals are intimidated to attend coaching courses alone, and for many it is the first time to be in an environment of Jewish Israelis. Our Project Coordinator works hard to partner up selected participants so they attend the courses together, and also accompany the attendees with personal visits to the course participants, keeps daily contact so to encourage them to complete the course and offer support and advice in a mandatory weekly private talk. To date, all those who took part under our umbrella completed the course.


We offer financial support for participation with a choice of two courses, with specific advantages

  • The Wingate Institute for Sport Education, Netanya.: A four week residential course, for tennis players from all over the country, is a unique opportunity for Jewish and Arab youngsters, who share a passion, to really get to know each other on and off the courts.  The course is held every July.
  • Israel Tennis Centre at Acre: This course is ideal for people who are working or studying full time, or for girls who prefer not to stay away from their families.  The course is given every Friday for twenty weeks, starting July and November

In nearly all cases, this will be the first time Jewish and Arab participants will be in close proximity, playing tennis, taking tests and socialising together.

Financial support for the courses is covered one third by FKI grants, one third by FKI loan (to be paid back with coaching hours), one third by the participant (to encourage commitment).